5 Fence Planters – Flower Box Along Fence

Flower Box Along Fence?

If you’re tired of having a plain old wooden fence around your home & fence.

It’s time to give some thought to what else you could do with those empty vertical spaces.

With a little creativity and ingenuity on wall. You can turn those hardworking planter boxes into something much better a gorgeous display of greenery plant that adds beauty, privacy, and personality to your yard.

Whether you want to beautify your front porch or make your backyard feel like a secret oasis, here are 5 ideas for how to transform your boring fence planters into works of structures art.

1. Use a Pallet Wood Fence Box.

2. Make A DIY Wooden Garden Gate.

3. Turn An Old Crate Into A Flower Pot.

4. Add Some Color To Your Front Porch.

5. Create A Faux Stone Wall.

 Flower Box Along Fence

1. Painted Cans : Flower Box Along Fence

After peeling off the labels, I washed my cans and hung them up to dry. Then I painted them bright splash of color and filled them with small delicate flowers. They look great hanging on the tall privacy fence posts!

I love how colorful they are and how nice they make our yard feel. If you want to try this project, here’s material what you’ll need:

• One gallon of white spray paint

• Two dozen empty 2-liter soda cans

• Your Favorite Flowers

• Paintbrush

• Small flower pot

• Drill

• Hanger wire

• String

• Tape measure

• Hammer

• Screwdriver

• Pencil

• Scissors

• Glue stick

• Spray adhesive

• Potting soil

• Watering can

• Trowel

• Garden gloves

• Plastic

You’ll find instructions below on how to do this project.

2. Old Purses and Beach Bags : Flower Box Along Fence

If you’re looking for something cute to keep your herb garden tidy, why not use an old handbag? There are lots of ways to convert it into a decorative piece. Some people even turn their purses into flowerpots! You could even add some flowers to brighten up your outdoor space patios.

3. Upcycled Crate Shelves for Container Gardening : Flower Box Along Fence

Even if you don’t want sacrifice a favorite purse, it’s possible to create simple shelves to house small types of plants in containers. These colorful plants are easy to change out whenever you so desire, making this project ideal for those looking to add some life into a outdoor furniture space. Hang varying sizes and shapes to create a more dynamic look. You’ll need just one day to complete this upcycle project.

For this project, we used crates that had been left outdoors during the summer months. We found ours near our local Home Depot store. They’re perfect because they’re sturdy enough to hold heavy items without breaking apart. If you can find a similar crate, you can use it here!

Step 1: Remove the hardware

Use a pair of pliers to carefully pry off the screws holding the handle together. Be careful not to damage the paint on the handles.

Step 2: Cut the wood

Next, cut the wood along the dotted lines shown in the diagram above. Make sure to keep the cuts straight and smooth. Use a circular saw or jigsaw to make the cuts.

4. Hanging Planters : Flower Box Along Fence

Hang baskets on your fence post to give it some extra charm. Add rich color pots filled with beautiful blooms to make your vertical garden look even better. You’ll love how easy it is to plant and care for your gardening space with these hanging planter decorative flower boxes options. 

5. Free Standing Crate Planters : Flower Box Along Fence

Once you’ve got everything ready, it’s time to start assembling the wall. Start by screwing one end of each crate into another. Then, take the remaining ends of the crates and attach them to the first row. Continue adding layers until you reach the desired height.

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