The Different Types of Vase Transport Boxes

When it comes to sending flowers, there are a few things that you need to take into account. Here, we’ve outlined the different types of vase transport boxes that are available on the market today. From factory supply wholesale price vase flower boxes to UK living florist bouquet boxes with many colors, there is sure to be a box that perfectly suits your needs!

Factory Supply Wholesale Price Vase Flower Box

It’s important to select the right one for the size and number of flowers you want to transport. Additionally, be sure to check the dimensions and specifications before making your purchase. Once you have chosen a box, make sure to transport flowers in it upright and firm so they don’t move around during transit.

UK Living Vase Florist Bouquet Box Vases Flower Aqua Sweet Boxes Many Colours

UK Living Vase Florist Bouquet Box Vases Flower Aqua Sweet Boxes Many Colours are such a popular choice for UK florists. They come with compartments that can hold different types of vases, making it easy to mix and match the flowers you order.

Plus, the boxes are designed with a handle so you can easily carry them around. In addition to this, there are many different colors available, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

Factory Supplier Corrugated Shipping Grown Plant Vase Packaging Box

Shipping plants and flowers in bulk is a big task, and it can be a pain to transport them in a safe and effective way. That’s where these boxes come in! They’re made of high-quality materials that protect the vases inside from damage during transit.

Additionally, the box is easy to open and stack, making it ideal for storage or distribution facilities. If you’re looking for a shipping solution that is both practical and stylish, then look no further – these boxes are perfect for you!

Mini Hat Boxes Wholesale /Flower Cardboard Vases/ Cardboard Boxes For Flowers

Boxes made from cardboard are perfect for flowers that require minimal care, like annuals and houseplants. Hat boxes are great for transporting delicate plants or flowers in cold weather environments. Flower pots can also be transported inside mini hat boxes, which protects them from getting damaged during transportation.

Plain Fancy Vase Box For Rose Flower

There’s no need to go out and spend a fortune on a fancy vase box to transport your roses – this plain fancy vase box will do the job perfectly.

The gold trim on the box looks elegant, and the solid wood construction means your flowers are safe during transit.

The transparent lid also allows you to see what’s inside at all times. Makes a great gift idea – or just add some extra class to your own home décor!


In this post, we have covered the different types of vase transport boxes that are available on the market. From the factory supply wholesale price vase flower box to the UK living vase florist bouquet box vases flower aqua sweet boxes many colours, we have covered it all! If you need any help finding the right box for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.