Shadow Box for Flower Bouquet: 4 Easy Steps to Make

How to make a shadow box for flower bouquet? How often do you get flowers from someone special? If you don’t want to spend too much time or effort on arranging them, then why not try using shadow boxes instead? They are great for displaying beautiful arrangements of fresh-cut flowers.

Shadow boxes are decorative containers that are usually made out of wood. The idea behind these boxes is to create a display area where you can showcase your favorite flowers. These boxes come in various sizes and shapes, depending on your preferences.

Shadow boxes are ideal for displaying flowers because they allow you to show off their beauty without having to worry about damaging them. In addition, they also provide protection against insects and other pests.

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shadow box for flower bouquet

Making Shadow Box for Flowers Bouquet

The materials needed for this project include a flower shadow box, a frame, a piece of wood, a sheet of paper, scissors, glue, tape, a paintbrush, and a few other items. If you don’t already have everything listed above, you’ll want to go to your local craft store to pick up what you need.

Step One

Cut out the shape of the shadow box. Use your ruler to measure the size of the shadow box. Make sure to cut around the sides of the shadow box, too.

Cutting the shadow box is pretty easy. Just use your ruler to draw a straight line across the middle of the cardboard. Then, take either side of the ruler and mark where each end of the shadow box should start. Take one end of the ruler and place it along the edge of the shadow box. Now, slide the ruler towards the center of the shadow box. Continue doing this until you’ve reached the opposite end of the shadow box.

Once you’re done cutting out the shadow box, you’ll need to trim off the excess cardboard. Place the shadow box inside a large trash bag. Fold down the top part of the bag and tie it closed. Pull the bag over the shadow box and gently shake it to remove any loose pieces of cardboard. Repeat this process until there aren’t any pieces left.

Step Two

Paint the shadow box. Once you have removed all of the pieces of cardboard, you’ll need to paint the shadow box. Start by painting the entire shadow box white. Let dry completely. Next, apply a coat of primer to the shadow box. Allow to dry. Apply another coat of primer. Finally, let the shadow box dry completely.

Step Three

Glue the shadow box onto the wooden frame. To attach the shadow box to the frame, simply use double-sided tape to adhere the shadow box to the backside of the frame. Be careful not to cover up any of the artwork on the front of the frame.

Step Four

Add flowers to the shadow box. To add flowers to the shadow box, trace the outline of the petals onto a piece of paper. Cut out the shapes of the petals. Using the template, cut out the petal shapes from the paper.

Applying the Vinyl to the Shadow Box

1. Make sure you have enough space around the edge of the frame for the vinyl to cover. If you don’t, you’ll end up having to trim off the excess later.

2. Use a ruler to measure out where you want the vinyl to go. Be sure to account for the thickness of the glass itself.

3. Remove the glass from the shadowbox before applying the vinyl. Otherwise, you’ll have to clean the glass again once you’re done.

4. Apply transfer tape to the backside of the vinyl. This will help keep it in place while you work.

5. Center the vinyl on the glass by using the hinge method. Basically, put the vinyl on the glass, flip it over, remove the backing, and smooth it down.

6. Once you’ve got the vinyl in place, use a scraper to scrape away any air bubbles.

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Shadow boxes are great for showcasing flowers. You can easily find shadow boxes online.

You can customize the look of your shadow box by choosing different colors and designs.