How to Preserve Flowers in a Shadow Box

Shadow box displays house priceless objects, including mementos like a prom corsage, birthday roses, or bridal bouquet flowers. Before putting together the display, allow the flowers you intend to keep in a shadow box to dry for a few days to a few weeks. The hanging technique is the best for preserving flowers in shadow boxes. When dried by hanging flowers upside down, their three-dimensional shape is preserved. It will be simpler to attach the flowers to the box interior because they have already been tied into small bundles.

Your flowers can be preserved in a variety of methods, some of which may be more difficult than others. Be careful to measure bridal bouquets so you know the size frame you’ll need before we begin deconstructing your bouquet! In the comfort of your own home, we’ll walk you through the simplest and most cheap way to preserve your flowers

Does A Shadow Box Preserve Your Flowers?

A shadow box is a frame with three dimensions that is typically used to exhibit mementos like a bouquet. Before being placed in the shadow box, the flowers must be dried in order to preserve them. The most popular technique, air drying, can require many weeks. However, using this technique occasionally results in the blooms losing their color and shape. Utilizing silica gel, which absorbs moisture and can speed up the process, is an additional choice. Once the flowers have dried, you can use tape or specialty glue to affix them to the shadow box. A wedding bouquet that is preserved in a shadow box will last much longer and serve as a constant reminder of the joyous occasion.

How to Preserve Flowers In Shadow Box?

  • Take out the glass from your shadow box frame and check that the floral foam (oasis) fits; you’ll need to make sure there’s enough area for your flowers to be added.
  • You can begin prepping your blooms now that you are certain the floral foam is the appropriate size. You’ll need to prepare them by wrapping the garden wire around each blossom individually and gluing them in place.
  • After wrapping all of your chosen flowers and foliage in garden wire, you can start carefully arranging your flowers by placing the wired stems in the oasis. As you work, feel free to check that the blooms will still fit inside the shadow box.Now you’re happy with the look you’ve created, you’re ready to secure the floral foam to the back of your shadow box frame. Apply hot glue to the back of the oasis and stick it to the back panel of the shadow box, you’ll need to work fast to ensure that the glue doesn’t dry before you’ve secured the arrangement.
  • Your preserve flowers in shadow box is complete once the glass is secured. Your wedding flowers have been elegantly presented as a memento of your big day and are prepared to be hung as wall art.

There are obviously a lot of possibilities when it comes to creating a shadow box remembrance, and you can incorporate much more than simply your wedding flowers! Before deciding on a design, it is good to conduct research for ideas. In one of our customers’ wedding shadow boxes, a photo or maybe a few photos were added. A spare wedding invitation, notes from visitors, or even a replica of the buttonhole flower can be added to the frame together with other keepsakes. The beauty of this artwork serves as a constant reminder of your special day, which is what matters most.