Great Flower Packaging Design in 2023

Still brainstorming about flower packaging design? Here are my recommendations.

Flower Packaging Design

Flower Packaging Design: The Bouquet Box

When searching for a flower delivery service that offers an increased level of safety, Bouquet Box is the best option.

A two-piece solution consisting of a box on the outside with handles to make lifting it easier and a cone on the inside that offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to using plastic wrapping paper.

Simple to open, and there is no requirement for the use of a knife or any other instrument

It has a versatile design that enables it to be adapted to accommodate a wide range of product sizes.

Huge print surfaces for use in communicating with a brand.

a solution that is 100% sustainable based on paper.

Telescopic Pack, a Kind of Packaging for Potted Plants

Use the Telescopic Pack, which can be adjusted in height to properly meet your shipping requirements, to reduce the amount of packing inventory you have on hand.

Because of the box’s one-of-a-kind modular construction, the height of the box can be quickly and simply customized to meet your requirements.

With the Telescopic Pack, you can convert three different SKUs into only one.

Because of the double wall effect, there is increased product protection.

Quick hand assembly is required during the packaging process, regardless of whether it is performed in-house or by an outside organization specializing in fulfillment.

Outstanding service to the customer and improved public opinion of the brand

100% recyclable and created from a material that can be replenished, making it beneficial to the environment.

Flower Packaging Design – That Can Be Letterboxed

The ideal alternative for online flower shopping that guarantees a successful delivery the very first time, directly through the letterbox.

It is possible to carry out eCommerce deliveries without the receivers having to be present.

Simple to put together throughout the packaging process, regardless of whether it is done in-house or contracted out to a third-party fulfillment firm.

Good interactions with customers and elevated public opinion of the brand

100% environmentally friendly solution based on paper

Flower Packaging Design – The Quick Flower Box

Maintain customer satisfaction with the help of the Quick Flower Box, an effective option for expanding businesses and coping with high-volume times.

Ensures a quick pace of manual assembly throughout the packaging process, whether performed in-house or by a third party.

Huge communication surfaces that are suitable for printing brand messaging.

Your requirements can be taken into account while designing the opening mechanism (e.g. tape strip)

a solution based on paper that is completely recyclable.

Floral Packing – Machine Pack

The Machine Pack is an automation-ready solution that will assist you in achieving quick assembly throughout the packing process.

The arrangement of flowers in an octagonal shape draws the attention and conveys an air of exclusivity and high-end sophistication.

Offers outstanding product protection

Unboxing for customers that is both enjoyable and unforgettable

Simple to open, and there is no need for a knife or any other equipment.

Green, in the sense that it is manufactured from a renewable resource and it is recyclable in its entirety.

Flower Packaging Design – the WOW Bloom box

Flower Packaging Design – Unboxing the WOW Flower package is an experience that can’t be compared to any other! The ideal solution for the packing of gift flowers when purchasing them online.

ensures that the flower arrangement will reach at the customer’s door unharmed

Simple to operate

Because of its adaptable design, it may be adapted to accommodate a wide range of product sizes.

Good interactions with customers and elevated public opinion of the brand

Clamshell boxes serve as the floral packaging.

With the Clamshell Box, you may shock your consumers when they unbox your product by shockingly printing something unexpected on the inside of the package.

Because it has two layers of protection, it offers a very high level of safety.

It is possible to automate the process using a packaging machine.

Huge print areas for expressing brand messages are included within.

Flower and Potted Plant Click & Collect Packs are our Packing Options.

The Click & Collect box assures that your clients’ flowers or plants will arrive at their doorstep or at a pick-up location undamaged.

The consumer can easily move and carry the pack thanks to the two different handle alternatives that are available.

Fast and simple to open up.

Huge print surfaces for the purpose of conveying brand messaging.

Because of its adaptable design, it may be adapted to accommodate a wide range of product sizes.

100% recyclable, renewable, and degradable in the environment

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