Flowers Shipped in a box: The Best Flower Delivery Service (2023)

Flowers Shipped in a box, but which services?

UrbanStems offers free shipping on all deliveries, including same-day options.

You can choose from over 30 types of floral arrangements, including roses, lilies, tulips, orchids, carnations and more.

If you want to send something special, like a birthday cake. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can customize your own arrangement.

If you love fresh flowers, no matter the variety, it wouldn’t matter too much.

So, read all about “Flowers Shipped in a box” in this one.

 Flowers Shipped in a box: The Best Flower Delivery Service

Flowers Shipped in a box : How we picked and tested

Beauty we tested brands with classic and contemporary arrangements. We dinged points for wilted or damaged flowers and too much filler.

We tested brands with classic arrangements and contemporary arrangements. Gave extra credit for natural flower varieties and minimal use of artificial fillers.

We scored each brand based on how well it met our criteria.

Order processwe prioritized services with clean. Modern websites that were easy-to-navigate.

We prioritized services with clear online ordering processes that allowed us to place an order quickly and easily.

Flowers are lightweight items, and if you’re a floral retailer, you know they are a relatively low-margin product.

We prioritized services that offered free shipping options. We prioritized services whose websites had fewer spelling errors. We prioritized services where you could track your package throughout delivery.

Arrival times we looked for services that delivery fees most days of the week.

can ship flowers same- or next- day deliveries. We looked for services that offer expedited shipping options. We looked for services with flexible shipping options like curbside pickup and local delivery fees.

Budget pick

Costco’s floral arrangements are not quite as modern or stylish as offerings from other companies we tested. They are, however, relatively inexpensive.  the flowers are delivered quickly.

The prices vary depending on what you want:

– Roses.

– Carnations.

– Tulips.

– Daisies.

– Lilies.

– Irises.

– Peonies.

– Hydrangeas.

– Freesias.

– Chrysanthemums.

– Baby’s breath.

– Gerbera daisies.

– Sunflowers.

– Snapdragons.

– Gladioli.

– Alstroemeria.

– Ranunculus.

– Amaryllis.

– Calla lilies.

– Dahlias.

– African violets.

You can choose to send one arrangement per day for seven days straight, or you can opt for a monthly subscription. You can even buy multiple bouquets at once.

There’s little more disappointing than a beautiful bouquet of flowers that starts to wither and wilt after only a few days of enjoyment.

Everything we recommend

We tested out dozens of different florists. Found UrbanStems to be our favorite. They offer a wide selection of flowers and plants. Including many seasonal options.

Their prices are reasonable and you can easily browse their entire catalog online. We love how they use unique containers for each arrangement. They really make the flowers pop. And while some sites charge extra fees for same-day deliveries, UrbanStems doesn’t require it. In fact, they don’t even deliver on Sundays.

UrbanStems’ customer service team was friendly and helpful, too. When we had questions about ordering or tracking shipments, they responded quickly and efficiently. If there was ever a problem with an order, they fixed it immediately.

The only downside is that UrbanStems doesn’t ship nationwide. But if you’re looking for a local option, this is definitely the place to go.

Budget pick

Costco’s floral offerings aren’t exactly what you’d call high fashion.

but they’re still pretty good. We liked the arrangement pictured above best because it had a nice mix of flowers and greenery. Plus the prices were reasonable.

You’ll pay $19.99 for a dozen roses, $14.99 for tulips and $9.99 for carnations. There’s no way around it—the bouquet looks like something you might find in a discount store, but the quality is actually very good.

The flowers arrived within three days. they looked great for about a week. They didn’t wilt or die though some of the stems did start looking a little limp. But even if they do look a little less glamorous than others we’ve seen, there’s one thing you won’t find at the local florist: the cost. Comment to ask about “Flowers Shipped in a box” 🙂

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