5 Fence Planters – Flower Box Along Fence

Flower Box Along Fence? If you’re tired of having a plain old wooden fence around your home & fence. It’s time to give some thought to what else you could do with those empty vertical spaces. With a little creativity and ingenuity on wall. You can turn those hardworking planter boxes into something much better … Read more

DIY Sturdy Flower Box and Trellis (2022)

Sturdy Flower Box and Trellis Essential Materials Over the years, I’ve constructed A LOT of Flower Box and Trellis using fence pickets (like these deck railing planters and this trellis). Fortunately, I had just enough leftover cedar from prior outdoor projects to create this DIY planter with trellis! By the way, don’t forget to look … Read more

5 Easy Steps to Make a Dried Roses Shadow Box

A dried roses shadow box is simply a beautiful way to display your dried roses Collection. It’s easy to make, and it only takes a few simple steps. Whether you want to make one as a gift for someone special, or just showcase your collection in your own home, this blog has the instructions you … Read more

Arranging Flowers In A Square Vase: Learn How to Get the Best Result (2022)

Arranging Flowers In A Square Vase are great choice, such as those used for table settings or wedding favors. They work best with single types of blossoms. Mixing colors is also easy. You can use red roses next to yellow daisies, or pink peonies with white hydrangeas. Smaller vases allow you to display your arrangement … Read more