Can You Ship Flowers In a Box? (6 Great Tips)

Can you ship flowers in a box?
Flowers are one of the most popular special gifts around the world, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re sending them across town or across the globe.

Flowers are delicate, and shipping them requires some special care. If you want to send beautiful flowers safely, follow our guide for packing and protecting your blooms and shoots — even those shipped internationally.

Can You Ship Flowers In a Box
Can You Ship Flowers In a Box

1. Can You Ship Flowers In a Box?: Prep to ship flowers and plants: Here’s what you’ll need

To ship flowers and plants safely, it helps to know how much space each item needs. You don’t want to overpack, but you also don’t want to under pack either. If you’re sending beautiful flowers, here are some tips to help make sure your shipment arrives in good shape.

2. Can You Ship Flowers In a Box?: How to ship flowers

Flowers are beautiful, fragrant, and fun to send. But shipping them requires some careful planning. Here are five things you need to know about how to safely package and transport your blooms.

You can ship fresh flowers by mail and have them arrive intact on the other side of the country–if you package them well and provide a way to keep them moist.

3. Can You Ship Flowers In a Box?: How to ship live plants

Plants are delicate creatures. They need to travel safely and arrive in good shape. Here are some tips to keep them safe during shipping.

1. Choose a reputable carrier.

2. Make sure you know what size box you need. If you don’t, ask the seller.

3. Ask about insurance.

4. Pack carefully.

5. Label everything clearly.

6. Don’t overpack.

7. Keep it cool.

8. Be patient. Shipping takes longer than you think.

9. Follow up.

10. Enjoy your beautiful plant.

4. To ship potted plants:

Make sure the soil is contained

Place the pot inside a plastic zip-top bag

Secure the top opening of the plastic bag around the stem of your plant so that soil cannot escape from the pot or the bag

Secure the pot inside the corral

Use a corrugated diviser to keep the pot from moving in the box and damaging the stems and leaves

If the plant does not have a single main stem use paper between the leaves and cover the soil with it

5. Nip damaged shipments in the bud

FedEx says it wants to make sure your packages are delivered safely. To do that, the company offers a free package evaluation service called the FedEx Packaging Lab. If you send something to someone else, ask them to contact FedEx directly and request a free evaluation.

6. To ship plant seedlings and plugs:

Check the moisture content of your seedling or plug trays. Make sure the soil isn’t overly dry or wet. If you’re shipping seeds or plants in corrugated boxes, use a corrugated box with a top pad designed specifically for shipping seedlings or plugs. This will help keep the roots moist while keeping the bottom of the container strong enough to withstand rough handling during shipment.

If the soil is too dry, seeds and plants can fall out of the pot. Too much water can cause root rot.

Secure the container of seedlings or plugs inside a larger corrugated box. Place a top pad inside the container to keep the seedlings or plugs securely inside their plastic trays.

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