Best Container Gardening Plants in 2023

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Best Container Gardening Plants

Plants You Can Grow in a Container

Best Container Gardening Plants – Growing plants in containers is still very popular. Many homeowners opt to plant in pots because of how simple they are to care for. The flexibility of the containers allows them to place them wherever in the yard to provide a splash of color and design. Some of the most successful plant choices for containers are listed below.

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Two varieties of Coralbells, named “Pretty Pistachio” and “Appletini,”

Best Container Gardening Plants – The coralbells (Heuchera spp. ), such as the depicted Primo ‘Pretty Pistachio’ and Dolce ‘Appletini’, are among the best plants for growing in garden containers since they have enough visual appeal to keep the eye engaged on their own. All summer long, ‘Beautiful Pistachio’ blooms with medium-pink flowers set over mounds of green foliage.

Blooming from spring to summer’s middle, ‘Appletini’ has dark crimson stems topped with ruby red blooms. The silvery sheen on its lime-green leaves is a captivating aesthetic touch. Both of these perennials can survive in Zones 4-9 and thrive in either partial or full shade. Available from Walters Gardens and other retailers carrying Proven Winners plants.

Sharply blue grass (Corynephorus)

Best Container Gardening Plants – At a height and spread of 1 m (about 3 feet) and 8 in (about 20 centimeters), this erect perennial grass is well suited to its roles as a groundcover and a front border plant. Yet, the spiky, blue-gray foliage is attractive enough to host a garden in a pot. As an added bonus, ColorGrass Spiky Blue can withstand high temperatures and prolonged periods of drought with ease. Plant as an annual outside of USDA Hardiness Zones 6–9. Stokes Seeds offers a wide variety of seeds.

Blackberry Baby Cakes

Best Container Gardening Plants – Who would want to grow blackberries in a pot? These plants are prickly and ungainly. Baby Cakes, on the other hand, is a dwarf blackberry kind that doesn’t have any thorns. Its small size (it will only get to be 3-4 feet tall and broad) means that it will thrive in a container on a patio. Baby Cakes produces enormous, delicious blackberries throughout the summer, and in certain regions, a second harvest is possible later in the year. It can survive in Zones 4 through 8. Protect the container from the cold winter by burying it or covering it with mulch in colder regions. Stocked by Stark Bros.


Best Container Gardening Plants – Although violas are often planted as annuals, many of them are able to survive the winter months with no problems. Its small stature and easygoing blooming make them ideal for growing in pots. White, lavender, purple, yellow, and orange are just some of the many vibrant, joyful hues present. Sunset Boulevard is a combination of lemon and peach tones. Easily obtainable at any garden center, violas may be easily added to any outdoor space.

Red Zinnias Abundate

Best Container Gardening Plants – Compact, disease-resistant, and with long-lasting blooms, profusion zinnias are a top pick for any garden. This latest model in the series has the same capabilities as the others, but its genuine red color will not fade in the hot summer heat. Profusion Red is the fourth color in the single flower series to receive the prestigious All-America Selections Winner title, which it did in 2017. It’s perfect for use in both borders and decorative planters. J.W. Jung Seed offers a variety of seeds.

The Ornamental Millet Purple Majesty

When it comes to container gardening, this plant really commands attention. You may use it on its own or as a support for other, smaller plants, but you’ll need a very large pot. Grows to a height of 4-5 feet and a width of 8-12 inches, Purple Majesty ornamental millet (Pennisetum glaucum) is a beautiful addition to any garden.

Best Container Gardening Plants – In direct sunlight, its appealing leaf takes on a deeper purple tint, making it one of the greatest flower landscaping ideas. In addition to being heat-tolerant and low-maintenance, Purple Majesty also provides seasonal color from spring through October. It can survive throughout the winter months, which is a nice bonus in warmer regions. J.W. Jung Seed Company sells a variety of seeds.

Spark the Dianthus Pink

Best Container Gardening Plants – Large, fringed flower heads of vivid hues crown sturdy stalks in this kind of dianthus. Dianthus is one of the greatest plants for containers outdoors, but it usually does best in the milder temps of spring. Jolt Pink, however, is heat-tolerant, so it should continue to thrive throughout the summer. A simple flower to cultivate for individuals who value order in their container gardens. Grow Jolt Pink as an annual outside of Zones 7–10, where it will survive. Park Seed has it in stock.

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