Best 7 Flower Box Ideas For Fall

These are flower box ideas for fall

Flower Box Ideas for Fall

Ornamental Cabbage

Ornamental cabbages are flower box ideas for fall and closely related to common cabbages, cauliflowers, and broccoli, but they have not been cultivated for their edible qualities; rather, they are grown for the attractive, multicolored leaves they produce. (They are, in fact, edible; however, due to their high level of astringency, you will only cultivate them for their aesthetic value.)

Rosettes of ornamental cabbages develop with vibrantly colored cores and grow in a compact form. There is a wide variety of color options available, ranging from white and pale pink to dark reds, blues, and purples.


Although growing lavender in a window box might not seem like the most obvious choice, it’s really one of our favorites. This resilient plant has a beautifully unique aroma that is peaceful and pleasant, and it can survive adverse weather conditions and strong winds without succumbing to their effects. Additionally, lavender is extremely welcoming to bees; so, even if you only have a little window box filled with lavender, you are contributing to the effort to conserve the dwindling bee population. a plant that lives for many years.

Beautiful lilac blossoms continue to bloom long into late autumn, and you can pick them and let them dry to use as a fragrance for your clothing or to put under your pillow to help you get to sleep.

Ornamental Pepper

Although ornamental peppers may be eaten, their brightly colored pepper pods are flower box ideas for fall and the primary reason they are cultivated. These compact, hardy plants thrive in direct sunlight and come in a variety of colors, including black, white, red, purple, yellow, and orange peppers. They produce a large number of peppers. Peppers don’t like to be overly moist, so allow the soil dry out between watering.


Celosia, often referred to as cockscomb, is a plant that is characterized by its showy feathery blossoms in a variety of colors, including red, purple, and gold, which contrast with the brilliant green foliage. These odd plants must have at least eight hours of sunlight each day, although they may survive in some shade. They require a soil that is moist and well-drained, but it should not be kept constantly damp.

Chrysanthemums (or Tulips)

Chrysanthemums are flower box ideas for fall and a well-liked option for fall window boxes due to the fact that they are reasonably resilient, can thrive in either partial shade or full sun, and come in a plethora of different colors that may be used to decorate their beautiful blossoms.

There are single-blooming and double-blooming kinds of mums, as well as giant and dwarf types of mums. Mums add a vibrant splash of color. The dwarf mums are flower box ideas for fall and an excellent choice for putting in or adding to a container, as well as for filling up a tiny window box or a gap in a larger window box. enhancing the appearance of a modest garden


Sages are sometimes referred to as salvias, and they belong to the mint family. Garden sage, the culinary herb you are acquainted with, is a salvia. However, for your flower box ideas for fall and window box, you will likely prefer a showier decorative salvia, such as scarlet sage, which features long spikes of tightly packed red blooms. Other hues include shades of deep blue, sky blue, purple, pink, and white, as well as lilac and lilac white.

Because salvias have towering flower spikes, they are an excellent choice for the backbone of a window box because they give height, texture, and color. In addition to that, since they are sages, these plants exude a scent that draws in pollinators.


Impatiens, often known as Busy Lizzies, are dainty tiny plants that bloom their brilliant, multicolored flowers all the way through the fall. These plants thrive in soil that is somewhat damp but has good drainage. When conditions become too dry, the plants lose all of their leaves. When conditions are too moist for them, they become very susceptible to the infections caused by fungi.

Choose a low-growing type of impatiens, such as tom thumb or super elfin impatiens, so that you don’t overwhelm the remainder of the container with these eye-catching color splashes at the front of a window box. Impatiens work well as eye-catching color splashes at the front of a window box.

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