Best 4 Guides How to Make a Winter Window Box

You might wonder how to make a winter window box, Here the explanations.

This Easy-to-Follow DIY Guide Will Teach You How to make a winter window box

How to make a winter window box? I had a lot of fun this winter learning how to make a simple DIY window box to put in my chicken coop. Flowers of summer and fall bloom there till winter destroys them. This made the window box seem unfinished, so I began researching alternatives for the winter. I filled it with something all-natural, and the process was simple. This paragraph details the process, which can be carried out with live or artificial twigs and branches.

Everything you need to make your own festive winter window boxes.

Styrofoam or floral foam*

Pruning shears.

Gloves are a must when gardening.

You can decorate with real or fake evergreen trees.

It has dried branches.

Dogwoods are available for sale and make excellent boughs for any tree.

How to make a winter window box? I recycled some Styrofoam packing material into “flower foam” for my springtime indoor planter box project. Not being able to find any, I had to buy flowery foam instead. It’s better for the environment if you can find a previously owned version or recycle the packaging.

Making a Seasonal Window Box for the Winter.

I stuffed some flowery foam blocks that I had purchased into the window box. I then placed some trimmed evergreen branches to hide it from view.

How to make a winter window box? With my mother’s help, I went on a foraging trip and came home with a bag stuffed with twigs, branches, and dogwood. We got it back to the house and I started cutting off branches as I went to figure out how tall I wanted it to be. I slanted my cuttings so the twigs could more readily stab through the foam. The pruning shears did a great job.

I arranged the branches in my winter window box so that the taller ones were in the rear and the shorter ones were in the front, like a class photo. To begin, I focused on the evergreens, attempting to ascertain the direction of their curvature for the purpose of exploiting them. Okay, so some of these branches are “upside down,” but that’s how I got them to swoop and hang gracefully.

When I’m done, you’ll be able to see that drape better:

After that, I tucked in some of these miniature pine cones onto a few slender branches. Just what are them, exactly? When my mom saw them on my street, we had to go stomping through the ditch to get a few.

Here is a close-up view. They’re adorable, whatever they are.

Finally, I planted a red dogwood. What a lovely thing! I brought some within as well and placed them in a huge West German Pottery floor vase to display next to the fireplace. The easiest to manage dogwood is the kind that grows in a beautiful, straight line. When I was finished, I decided to fill it in a little by adding a few additional evergreen branches to the front.

How to make a winter window box? The final version of my winter window box design! I intended to plant some cedar but there was none on my road except for the cedar I already owned and didn’t want to disturb. I would have had to trek well into the woods, so I’ll have to do it in the fall, after the snow has melted.

The Outdoor Winter Window Box Is Complete With Snow

The last touch was added by Mother Nature in the form of snow. While the thought of adding decorations crossed my mind, I ultimately decided that I like the natural appearance. I tried piercing the floral foam with loops of floral wire and decorations, but the effect was too clumsy, so I discarded the wire and ornaments. When it comes to winter window box decorations, the possibilities are endless.

How to make a winter window box? Try adding branches, pine cones (which you can attach to wire), artificial foliage, and sprigs. It would be nice to have some lights, but I don’t want to leave a cord dangling and the battery-operated ones usually appear to be too weak to use outside. Though I may still put in some more illumination. I had a lot of fun making this, so I’ll probably still experiment a little.

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