5 Perfect Fresh Flowers That Last Long

Many people choose fresh flowers to decorate their homes. Your preferred flowers can be cut and put in a vase with water.

Petals from unusual and vibrant flowers can improve a space’s appeal. In addition, everyone will be able to smell the delicious scent. But regrettably, cut flowers frequently wilt quickly, sometimes even within a few days.

As a result of genetics, certain flowers endure longer, according to expert florist Harriet Parry.

He also mentioned that different flowers prefer varied post-cutting circumstances. For instance, tropical flora prefer a warm, muggy environment.

Do you want to know what flowers can be kept fresh and sturdy for longer than a week in a vase?

Anyelir Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers
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Carnation is the name of the flower in English.

This plant, whose scientific name is Dianthus caryophyllus, is native to the Mediterranean. The blooms are stunning, have a vintage vibe, and are frequently used as decorative plants in vases.

Carnations can live up to two to three weeks after being cut, according to Parry. The petals will unfold more like a ballet dancer’s skirt when put in a vase.

Alstroemeria Fresh Flowers

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Alstroemeria is also referred to as the Inca lily or the Peruvian lily. South American flowers feature vivid hues like red and orange.

Alstroemeria, according to Parry, will also get beautiful with age and remain in bloom for up to two weeks when placed in a vase.

Lili Fresh Flowers

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Daffodils and lilies are native to Asia and Europe. This plant can adapt to grass, mountains, and woodland settings. This flower comes in a variety of hues, including yellow, pink, red, and purple.

From bud to bloom, lilies may stay fresh in a vase for roughly 10 to 14 days, according to Parry.

Anggrek Fresh Flowers

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The family of flowering plants known as Orchidaceae, sometimes known as the orchid-orchid tribe, contains the greatest variety of species. This plant, with its thick meat and high water content, thrives in tropical climates.

Kuping Gajah Fresh Flowers

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Anthurium andraeanum is the Latin name for elephant ear. The type of anthurium leaves and anthurium flowers are the two main divisions of this plant.

The anthurium’s stunning, distinctive, and variable leaf shapes are, aside from the lovely flowers, its greatest draw. There is a feeling of exclusivity and luxury surrounding this plant.

The palace gardens of Javanese kings once had anthurium plants. Mama can cut the flowers to decorate the room.

According to Parry, anthuriums will remain in good condition in a vase for around two to three weeks.

Kraspedia Fresh Flowers

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A flowering plant of the daisy family called craspedia is sometimes referred to as a billy button and a woollyhead. Their native environment, which typically grows in coastal and mountainous regions, is in nations like Australia and New Zealand.

This yellow and globular blossom. According to Parry, craspedia will remain robust and fresh when kept in a vase. Additionally, when this blossom dries, it will be quite attractive.

So those are some flowers that hold up well and maintain their freshness in a vase. Pick one to serve as the room’s decor. Below, we also list relevant articles on flowers.

Wow, it turns out there are quite a lot of flowers that attract attention! Do you know any other long lasting dragons besides the ones we mentioned? Comment below, yes! We also want to recommend some flower boxes that you can buy at several stores: