5 Gorgeous Flower Box Planting Ideas

Flower Box Planting Ideas

Flowers are the best sign that spring has arrived. And the ideal location to show them out is in a window box. Window boxes are a cheap yet efficient method to give your house more visual flair. They can be filled with fewer plants, but they still have a big impression. Additionally, you can enjoy them from inside the window as well as outside. Check out our other article on how to choose the best flowers for your windows.

It’s important to select plants and flowers that blossom early in the season and that are suited to the growing environment near your window while thinking of spring window box ideas. For instance, consider plants that enjoy lots of light if your window receives strong afternoon sun. In your USDA hardiness growing zone, pay attention to the last likelihood of frost and the freezing temperatures.

For some inspiration, check out these 5 flower box planting ideas.

1. Calla Lily Combo

A vivid signal that spring has arrived is sent by the colors yellow, white, purple, and green. The window box’s blooms stand out against the shutters’ dark wood. While fluffy yellow and white hydrangeas cover the most of the box, there are yellow calla lilies in the back. The front and sides are covered in tiny white bacopa flowers. The plants’ various heights add visual interest and assist to fill out the box. Late April is when these plants should begin to blossom, and their soil needs to be consistently moist.

2. Rich Colors

Pastel hues are not the only appropriate colors for spring. Many lovely flower box designs make use of gorgeous rich hues. This luxuriant window box contains asparagus fern, vinca, million bells, a petunia relative with smaller flowers, and variegated coleus. The million bells and vinca both have lengthy blooming seasons, frequently lasting from April until the first fall frost. This layout ought to be appealing throughout the entire growth season. This plant combination should be shielded from the intense afternoon sun in a window box.

3. Sunny Daffodils

When you plant only one type of bulb, like daffodils, in your window box, they all bloom at once and put on a spectacular display. Daffodil bulbs are very simple to cultivate in containers and blossom in the early spring. To avoid damp soil, choose a flower box that is quite deep and has adequate drainage because daffodil roots want to spread out downward.

4. Petunia Party

This window box is overflowing with petunias in vivid purples, pinks, and yellows. Within the petunia genus, there are a wide range of alternatives, such as single and double blooms, smooth and ruffled petals, striped, veined, and solid hues. Additionally, some petunias have fragrant blooms and others have mounding or cascading growth patterns. So you can precisely customize your box to your needs. To encourage more flowering, deadhead the flowers.

5. Green and White Simplicity

This window box is filled with plants that have white flowers, such as petunias, begonias, Angelonia angustifolia “Archangel White,” and sweet alyssum. Despite offering contrast to the white-painted brick house with white wood trim and black shutters, they yet feel gentle and natural. Angelina stonecrop is the foliage with the pale chartreuse hue. A spring-blooming bulb, most likely Ornithogalum, or Star of Bethlehem, is waiting to bloom in the center. Make sure a flower box like this has adequate soil drainage.

These are our top 5 picks for gorgeous flower box planting ideas. You know which one you’re going to try now? Maybe try everything? Let us know in the comment section!